We stock, slit, level, blank, laser cut, and bend steel.

How do we make certain our customers get the best products and service in the steel industry?

we answer the phone with a live person if you choose to call us

call us!901-575-3300

We never put an inventory turnover goal ahead of your steel contract needs

We have our own In-house maintenance and repair staff

We do our own tooling maintenance, because sharp tooling reduces edge burr

We excel at flexible scheduling on both day and night shifts

We don't overload our production lines in order to maintain on-time delivery

We invest in reundancy of processing and material handling equipment

we have humidity-controlled warehouse space

We have our own metallurgical staff and an in-house testing lab

we have the best team in the industry with experience bolstered by ultra-low turnover!

we have 100,00 sq. ft. available for joint ventures

we can sell steel, fabrication, or both!

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We have a dedicated truck fleet

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Delta Metals has been proudly producing green solar energy since 2012

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We continuously improve our ISO-9001 certified quality system

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Updated line card

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We have ample storage bays and racks for JIT deliveries

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We can provide custom sizes to minimize your yield loss

At Delta Metals, we are convinced there is never a good excuse for a manufacturing operation to be halted due to material supply problems. Ever since we were founded in 1978, we have continued to invest in our ability to serve our customers and have focused on providing the most reliable deliveries of any steel service center in the industry. The reputation we have earned over the ensuing four decades, one order at a time, is of paramount importance to us. Therefore, you can be sure that when an order is entrusted to us, there won't be any unpleasant surprises!

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